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Your “Gut” May Not Be as Good as You Think

posted by Judge_Burke @ 14:17 PM
March 31, 2016

A 10-minute training video for judges (available here) is the centerpiece of an upcoming toolkit designed to increase awareness of implicit bias and provide positive steps to bias-proof the justice system. Featuring noted judges, law professors and implicit bias experts, the video is part of ABA President Paulette Brown’s Diversity and Inclusion 360 Commission’s effort to bring together the finest minds to ensure a just system for all Americans.

Achieving excellence as a judge is not easy.  What is easy is to get so consumed in the need to get the cases done, get the orders issued, and deal with all the tasks we have, that we put off self-reflection.

Take ten minutes today to watch the video. It may be the best 10 minutes you will spend.