Announcing the Release of “TWIN EXPECTATIONS, Raising the Bar, Raising Expectations, Raising Children!”

Judge Eileen A. Olds


Judge Eileen Olds served with distinction as President of the American Judges Association. For those of you who know her a couple of things standout. Eileen is one of the warmest human beings you will ever meet and if you meet her with her twin sister you will not be able to tell them apart. Twin Expectations tells the story of how a mother’s love and diligence rescued her children from negative influences and fostered the positive. It is also a go-to, how-to hope filled guide for reclaiming what matters most—our children.


In announcing the publication of her book Judge Olds said,

I am so excited to share the good news and this book with you. Today is a very special day because until now, very few even knew that I was writing “TWIN EXPECTATIONS”. It is also special because today, January 30, 2013 would have been my Mom’s 86th birthday! I know that she is beaming with pride and angelically praising me, even now!



Twin Expectations is available at,, and numerous other online retail booksellers as well as in select bookstores including the Barnes and Noble store at MacArthur Mall in Norfolk, VA.

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