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October 5, 2011

There is a lack of trust in our public institutions which, although not focused specifically on courts, is troublesome. For example, approval of the U.S. Supreme Court has dipped to its lowest level since John Roberts took the helm as chief justice in 2005. According to the latest Gallup poll the United States Court has a 46 percent approval rating – a drop of 5 percent over last year, and a 15 percent dip from its 61 percent approval rating in 2009. The Gallup poll found that Americans still have a positive view of the judicial system. 63 percent of Americans in the same poll say they trust the judicial branch. In August the AP Roper National Constitution Center Poll was released. The results in that poll are more encouraging for courts. That poll found:

Are you confident in the people who are running State Courts?

August 2011

August 2010

Extremely/Very confident




Somewhat confident



Not too/Not confident at all 



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  1. Gerald T. Elliott Says:

    It has been noted at the recent AJA conference and elsewhere that one important sorce of confidence in the state courts comes from serving on our juries. Visiting with juries after trial reassures that is so. I’d like to see some creative AJA thinking about court outreach programs that could similarly generate confidence.

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