Fairness In California Court Funding

posted by Judge_Burke @ 14:00 PM
June 6, 2013

How to fairly finance courts throughout a state is a challenge for all states and a big challenge for California.  The judiciary has “substantially complied” with the mandates of the 16-year-old Trial Court Funding Act, according to a 250-page report by a committee appointed by the governor and chief justice.

But equality in trial court funding is still “in need of improvement,” the Trial Court Funding Workgroup concluded, effectively laying the groundwork for passage next week of a controversial plan to revise how money is divvied up by the courts.

“The workgroup finds that funding has not been allocated based on workload fluctuations or in a manner designed to promote equal access to the courts statewide, implementation of statewide policies, or implementation of efficiencies and cost-saving measures to support access to justice,” the report said.

The Judicial Council should “adopt a new methodology for allocating funding appropriated for support of trial court operations, to be implemented” in July, the group said.

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