New Documentary Features Judge Brian MacKenzie

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June 12, 2013

This new documentary focuses on the work of Oakland County Judge Brian MacKenzie who provides veterans’ with assistance through his court. The statistics are staggering if not downright shameful – the highest suicide levels in the military in ten years, with deaths from suicide outweighing combat deaths by a two-to-one ratio. The first six months of 2012 saw an average of one military suicide each day (154 suicides in the first 155 days).


“Addiction is a health issue. If you think of it just as a criminal justice thing, which we’ve done far too long, you end up with a lot of people in prison and you don’t solve their problem. But if you think of it as a health issue, where you make them deal with the thing, then what you get is success,” reported Judge MacKensie. He not only knows these stats by heart, many of them have gone through his courtroom. In this one-hour documentary, Detroit Public TV follows Judge MacKenzie and three veterans’ cases as they work their way in and out of the Veterans Court program to get a handle on their addiction and mental health issues in order to redirect their lives.

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