Judicial Performance Evaluation On An App

posted by Judge_Burke @ 23:32 PM
August 6, 2018

Do not panic, there is no app available for judicial performance evaluation. Perhaps the idea is just too bizarre. After all, there are times when the role of a judge is not to win a popularity contest.  However, the police seem a bit more adventuresome than one might have thought. 

THE MARSHALL PROJECT recently published Like Yelp for Cops describing the NYPD’s new “public opinion monitor,” a program designed to determine the sentiment New York residents feel for the police who patrol their particular neighborhood. Precinct officials now receive a monthly “trust score” along with other data that measures how safe residents feel and how comfortable they are with the level and methods of policing they are receiving. How do those residents get to express their feelings? Through ads that pop up on their smartphones asking them to complete a survey.

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