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posted by Judge_Burke @ 16:45 PM
September 19, 2011

Spreading the word about the American Judges Association blog is integral to making this experiment a success. If you like what you read there are two things that will help. First, if you see items of interest to share let us know. Second regardless of whether you are an American Judges association member of not, let other people know about the blog. By far the most clever email spreading the word about the blog was authored by Minnesota District Judge Joseph Klein. He wrote to his colleagues: As many of you already know, Judge Kevin Burke is currently serving as President of the AJA (American Judge’s Association). As a member of that organization, I receive its periodic journal Court Review. I have found that Court Review frequently contains articles that are not only relevant, but highly useful to me on many of the issues that come up—with regularity—in my court room.

AJA is launching a new blog, which will contain the same type of content as is contained in its Journal.

Here’s the great part: You do not have to be an AJA member to subscribe to this blog. (which is totally awesome, as used in the altruistic sense).

I am not telling you that you cannot join AJA, because Kevin would probably hurt me if I did. The point is: You can have access to a lot of great discussion on timely and relevant issues to the bench—and you can have it at your fingertips, merely by adding this site to your favorites:

Some of you may be skeptical, because you have heard rumors that Klein might be prone to practical jokes, and whimsical comments meant to provoke laughter.

I assure you, nothing could be further from the truth in this case.

But don’t believe me. Simply click on the link and see for yourselves. If you are not completely satisfied with the content, then DON’T add this site to your favorites, and your money will be cheerfully exchanged.

If, however, you do add http://blog.amjudges.org/ to your favorites, I have another offer for you:

If you keep this site on your favorites, and promise to check its content every once in a while AND, after ten years, are not fully satisfied with the blog, I WILL PERSONALLY PAINT YOUR HOUSE!*

That is not a misprint.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

*”House” must be your primary residence. Offer not valid in Hennepin County.

Or any other county. I will travel to Hawaii and appraise your condo for painting by a professional painter, at your cost.

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