Today is my last posting on the AJA blog. Yesterday I resigned from the American Judges Association. I had a great run in AJA. I made more friends that it is practical to mention. Naming folks has the danger of hurting the feelings of those not mentioned. But I feel compelled to take at least some risk 

No one in the AJA family  has been closer to me that Judge (now law professor) Steve Leben. We co-authored AJA White Papers, law review articles and spoke to state and federal judges frequently together. Steve has over the years been incredibly patient with my more cavalier approach to life. 

I developed important  friendships among Canadian Judges. Russ Otter, Wayne Gorman and Catherine Carlson most notably. The decision to leave was made particularly difficult because Catherine will become AJA  President. She will be terrific. The Canadian judiciary and her community is very lucky to have her. 

There have been an eclectic group of AJA Presidents. Each brought strengths during their tenure and many continued to contribute after their terms. Elliott  Zide (who at times drove a lot of people nuts myself included) became our resident grant write for SJI funding. There are few people with a bigger heart than Elliot.

When I started the blog I really did not appreciate how much work it is. Three law clerks Laura Taken, Annie Balghiti and  Annie Bodeau posted religiously until I retired in October. Miraculous I figured out how to do it myself since then.

So what next for me? I have a web site you can find at (  It presently has a link to the AJA blog which I will have to change. I will continue write and to speak. Upcoming are presentations to the Washington State Bar Association on the future of courts, to the annual convention of the National Association of Presiding Court Professionals on the use of storytelling for leadership, and a presentation with Sixth Circuit Judge Bernice Donald to the Kansas judiciary on judicial collegiality. 

And so to all of you who have been so supportive, thanks

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