Should Courts Suspend Civil Jury Trials

As a result of the pandemic increasing numbers of states have temporarily closed bars and restraints, gyms and sometimes schools. So is it time for courts to follow suit? Tennessee jury trials have been postponed through Jan. 31 because of rising coronavirus … Continue reading

Addressing Justice System Inequities Head-On

JMI’s Tom Eberly and three members of the National Network of Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils (NNCJCC) conducted a webinar on navigating how to facilitate difficult discussions, specifically on racial inequities in the justice system. Hosted by the Council of State Governments Justice Center with … Continue reading

What To Do About Requests For Bench Trials

Some states do not require the consent of the prosecution for a bench trial but that is not the rule in federal court (and some states). The pandemic has created new problems with this issue. and at least in one … Continue reading


The Gallup release, headlined “Fewer Americans Call for Tougher Criminal Justice System,” reports on new polling number concerning pubic views on the US criminal justice system. As summarized by Professor Doug Berman in his Sentencing blog Here are the details: Americans’ … Continue reading

But Your Honor I Really Love Her

By Evidence ProfBlogger Share Maryland has a spousal testimonial privilege, which states in pertinent part that  (a) The spouse of a person on trial for a crime may not be compelled to testify as an adverse witness unless the charge involves: (1) The … Continue reading

Should We Have Partisanship In Our Courts?

Should we have partisanship in the leadership of State courts? There are some states that have identified partisan labels on their Supreme Courts and then there are states that the partisan affiliation is the worst kept secret in the state. So who … Continue reading


It is not often that judges are called upon to rectify centuries old injustices. But as illustrated by a story written by   Amanda Coletta, perhaps the Supreme Court of Canada will be called upon to decide what to do about indigenous … Continue reading

How Do We Forgive Effectively?

The war on drugs was never a good metaphor. as a result of that “war” a lot of people who were chemically dependent have been branded with criminal records. Those criminal records inhibit people from succeeding in life and ironically … Continue reading