Drivers License Suspensions

There was a now retired prosecutor who over his career developed the reputation that is goal in life was not revoke or suspend every diver in Minnesota’s license. And so it was with interest that I came across this article. … Continue reading

How Should We View Red Flag Laws?

Should there be a green light for “Red Flag” laws? The late Chief Justice Warren E. Burger said, in 1991, that the idea that the Second Amendment conferred a right for individuals to bear arms was “a fraud on the … Continue reading

Crazy Idea Of the Day?

Are you frustrated with the habitual reoffending of people committing livability crimes? We try a lot of things that frequently don’t work. In Minneapolis the fare jumpers on the light rail are issued trespass orders prohibiting them from riding the … Continue reading

Confronting Racist Rhetoric

The vast majority of prosecutors are highly ethical. But how should a judge deal with arguments that go over the line. Mary Bowman (Seattle University School of Law) has posted Confronting Racist Prosecutorial Rhetoric at Trial (Case Western Reserve Law Review, Forthcoming) on … Continue reading

Money As Punishment

Anna VanCleave, Brian Highsmith, Judith Resnik, Jeffrey Selbin, Lisa Foster, Hannah Duncan, Stephanie Garlock and Molly Petchenik (Yale University – Law School, Arthur Liman Center for Public Interest Law, Yale University – Law School, University of California, Berkeley – School of Law, Fines & Fees Justice Center, Yale University … Continue reading

What Weight Should You Give A Misdemeanor?

So you have a sentencing. The defendant has a misdemeanor record. What weight if any should you give that information? J.D. King (Washington and Lee University – School of Law) has posted The Meaning of a Misdemeanor in a Post-Ferguson World: Evaluating … Continue reading