Recognition Evidence

The term recognition evidence may seen foreign to some United States judges but we have cameras seemingly everywhere and as a result a lot of recognition evidence. Thanks to Judge Wayne Gorman we now have the Canadian perspective on recognition … Continue reading

Should A Judge Attend Protests?

Shortly after I was appointed a judge in 1984, I was in Washington DC visiting a brother. We were walking along and came upon a protest in front of the South African embassy against that country’s apartheid policies. I was … Continue reading

Confronting Racism

Confronting Systemic Racism in Trial Courts   This Thursday  Jul 23, 2020 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM CDT Show in My Time Zone Our nation is hurting. Outcries for racial equality are heard and seen around the globe. Institutional racism and … Continue reading

Is There Such A Thing As Excited Delirium?

“Excited delirium” is and always has been a “junk science” diagnosis. Which is why police should stop citing it and judges should stop relying on it. The Washington Post TMP Context: How it’s already played out in the George Floyd … Continue reading

Conducting Jury Trials During The Pandemic

From How Appealing: “Jury selection via Zoom: First Miami-Dade case is a glimpse of court in the coronavirus era.” Haley Lerner of The Miami Herald has this report.

Free Speech For Judges?

The American Judges Association has long held that the immigration judges of the United States deserve our support. They have very high caseloads and are in a rather untenable position of being under the Department of Justice……in effect they work … Continue reading

Examining Our Own Implicit Bias About Gender

How reporting domestic violence can work against women in family court.  The bitter custody battle in Texas between Tara Coronado and Ed Cunningham over the couple’s four children is illustrative of a dynamic women’s rights advocates say is both prevalent … Continue reading