A Blog for the American Judges Association

According to Wikipedia, as of February 2011 there were 156 million public blogs in existence.  What every judge knows (sometimes painfully) is we have far more to read than time.  A blog from the American Judges Association may be seen in this context as just more clutter on the internet or one more thing not to read.  So this blog is an experiment.  The American Judges Association claims to be the “voice of the judiciary.”  As a result, we need to speak frequently and about the issues confronting the judges of the United States and Canada.  If you like what happens here in the next few months, let us know.  If it is in your pile of things you do not have time or interest in reading, let us know that, too.


Judge Kevin S. Burke

6 thoughts on “A Blog for the American Judges Association

  1. I have followed this blog daily now for the first two weeks of it’s new life. Judges don’t need any extra reading; we’ve already got more than we can handle on a regular basis. BUT I do like and find value in this blog for the reason that it refers us to sources of relevant information to us and comments on the relevance in useful ways. So many time now days the blogs I read seem to me to be “one-time-reads” that are nothing more than personal rants written to satisfy personal egos. This is entirely different. Thank you Kevin.


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