A Reform in New York Worth Watching

Sex Trafficking Court Holds Hope for the Oft-Blamed

Mary Leary
Catholic University of America (CUA)


October 7, 2013

 The National Law Journal, October 7, 2013

CUA Columbus School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2013-11

This opinion piece which appeared in the National Law Journal explores the State of New York’s Human Trafficking Initiative. This Initiative creates nine Human Trafficking Courts which seek to identify arrestees who may, in fact, be victims of human trafficking and provide them with necessary services. The column discusses the benefits of this approach to sex trafficking and encourages other jurisdictions to pursue similar models. Of particular note is the multi-disciplinary approach to this complex issue as well as the initiative’s recognition that each case must be reviewed on its own merits. The piece concludes with a word of caution regarding the need to work out important details of the scope of the program.


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