Profile in Judicial Courage: Iowa Judge Karen Romano

From The Brennan Center Fair Courts E-Alert:

Iowa District Court Judge Karen Romano is being negatively targeted by the conservative group The Family Leader for what it calls judicial activism, according to the Muscatine Journal. The Family Leader criticized Judge Romano after she ruled “to temporarily suspend a state rule that would bar use of a video-conferencing method of dispensing abortion pills. Romano’s ruling – a common legal procedure – suspends enforcement of the law or rule in question until it can be tried. Romano, in fact, noted that the ruling did not ‘in any way decide the merits of petitioners’ constitutional and other claims.’” In 2010, the Family Leader campaigned against three Iowa Supreme Court justices who participated in a decision establishing a right to marriage for same-sex couples under the Iowa Constitution; all three justices lost their retention elections. The Family Leader referenced this 2010 election in their denouncement of Judge Romano. Bob Vander Plaats, president and CEO of the group, warned, “Apparently, Judge Romano has not learned a lesson from that vote. The Family Leader encourages Iowans to remember Judge Karen Romano’s activism when she is up for retention in November 2016.

Source:  Dubuque Telegraph Herald Editorial via Muscatine Journal, Vander Plaats again attacks Iowa judiciary, November 27, 2013.

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