President Obama & Speaker John Boehner Clash Over Upcoming Webinar on Procedural Fairness

Over the weekend the political battle between President Obama and House Republicans over the Obamacare website erupted into a far bigger political contest.

At a press conference on Sunday, Speaker Boehner said the upcoming webinar would have all the technical flaws of the Affordable Health Care web site and called on the President to do something…anything.  Within hours President Obama appeared in the White House press briefing room to assure everyone that he was confident that the National Center for State Courts would perform flawlessly, but he said he would personally meet with the speaker Sunday night in an attempt to avert a government shutdown over the conflict.

Late Sunday evening the President and Speaker issued a joint statement:

On December 11th, 2013, at 2 PM Eastern Judge Kevin Burke will present an important webinar on procedural fairness.  We urge judges and court leaders throughout this country to participate in this important webinar. Our difference on the affordable health care act will not prevent us from urging a renewed commitment for everyone from every political persuasion to commit to procedural fairness in courts.


The webinar features Judge Burke and is hosted by the National Center for State Courts Center on Court Access to Justice for All.   The webinar is described as follows:

Judge Kevin Burke, a Minneapolis trial judge since 1984 and a national leader in court reform, will be presenting.  He coauthored the American Judges Association’s white paper on procedural fairness in 2007 and has been a regular speaker on the topic.  Studies on procedural fairness point to the fact that litigant satisfaction is more closely correlated to the perception of being treated fairly and understanding the process than the actual outcome of the case.  This is a particularly important concept for the self-represented litigant.  Similarly, compliance with court orders is dependent in large part upon the litigant actually understanding the order.  Judge Burke will describe the basic components of procedural fairness and the importance of using these techniques when handling cases with self-represented litigants.

You can register the day of the webinar and there is no maximum number of participants. Registration information is here.

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