Do We Need a Blue Collar Supreme Court Justice?

The Fair Courts E- Alert reports,

In an article for Big Think, Steven Mazie wonders if the Supreme Court is too privileged to understand the average American worker. Mazie cites to a recent case in which the Court unanimously ruled that warehouse workers at a temp agency contracting with did not need to be paid for the searches they were required to endure at the end of each work day. These searches, purportedly implemented to prevent theft, can take up to two and a half hours per week. “With their sterling legal credentials and cloistered path to the bench, none of the justices have had much of a chance to live the life of an average American worker,” writes Mazie. “Justice Sotomayor and Justice Thomas both had tough upbringings, but their professional careers have not veered into blue collar territory. None of the justices have spent time working in factories or warehouses or toiling in low-paying jobs.” He goes on to say, “none of them have had to spend up to 10 hours a month emptying their pockets and walking through security screenings at work. If any of the justices had such an experience under their belt, maybe some would have seen this case differently.”


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