Important New Development in New York Courts

Thanks to Richard Zorza, we know a lot more about an important initiative in New York courts:

New York Making Big Progress on Multi-Lingual Court Orders

by richardzorza

Many of us have long believed that creating multi-lingual court orders could have a big impact on compliance and court efficiency.

The New York courts have recently started taking big steps in that direction. As the press release says:

In April of this year, the [New York Unified Court System] commenced a pilot program utilizing bilingual orders of protection forms in Family Courts located in New York, Monroe, and Westchester counties. These forms have a Spanish translation either below or alongside the English text. Approximately 300 of the Spanish-English orders have been issued, with Chinese and Russian translations to be introduced by year’s end.

While, obviously, just the idea of bilingual orders is great, it is the way that they are being done that makes this project broadly viable, and relatively easily replicable nationally.


Continue reading here.


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