Should Candidates for Appointment to the Bench Have to Take a Physical?

If you want to play in the National Football League you are likely to attend the draft combine, and if you are a candidate to become a police officer in some jurisdictions you need to meet with a psychologist, but what if you simply want to be appointed to the bench? Because the bench is a very sedentary job, no one cares how fast you run. Although there is a case to be made that good mental health is “quite useful” while serving as a judge, no one asks for a psychological examination. Now there is a report from Ireland. It says,

New judges should undergo a medical examination before they are appointed to ensure they are physically fit enough for the task.

The recommendation was made by the body which advises the Government on judicial appointments.

At present, prospective judges simply have to give an undertaking that there is no reason connected with their health which would prevent them from performing their functions.

But the Judicial Appointments Advisory Board recommended that legislation be amended to enable the Justice Minister to require a prospective judge to undergo a medical examination before the appointment is finalised.

Alternatively, medical examinations could be introduced as an administrative requirement, the board said.


The recommendation was previously made as far back as 2002 but as yet has not been implemented. 

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