Consider Joining NACM & Attending the Conference on Improving The Public’s Trust & Confidence in the Judiciary

Improving the Public’s Trust and Confidence
in the Judiciary


Register before December 31st and take $100 off the registration fee! You don’t want to miss the beautiful landscape of Portland, Oregon this February or any of the education being offered at the Midyear Conference. Join your fellow NACM members for two days of knowledge including the opening plenary session on Community Engagement in the State Courts. Speakers from the National Advisory Board and from the Arkansas Administrative Office of the Courts will provide NACM members with an update on this important initiative, which is working to develop tools for courts to engage with minority and disadvantaged communities, ensure equal access to justice, and build public trust and confidence in the judiciary.

Want to know more about NACM’s new Guide that was just published? Join the conversation in the session about User-Friendly Courts Guide: An Essential Resource for Court Managers Seeking to Enhance Public Trust and Confidence. The recent CCJ/COSCA resolution calling for meaningful access to justice for all will be discussed at the session Our Changing Community: Trust and Confidence in a Time of Shifting Demographics. These are just a few highlights of the education being offered. Check out the full agenda and while you plan, don’t forget to attend the new social hour on Monday night in the exhibit hall!


Reminder that the deadline for submitting session ideas for the National Association for Court Management (NACM) and the International Association for Court Administration(IACA) Annual Conference next July is Monday, November 28th! Need more information? Check it out!

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