More on Plea Bargaining

Nancy J. King and Ronald F. Wright (Vanderbilt University – Law School and Wake Forest University – School of Law) have posted Managerial Judging and Judicial Plea Negotiations: Further Evidence on SSRN.

Here is the abstract:

This is a companion report to our article, “The Invisible Revolution in Plea Bargaining: Managerial Judging and Judicial Participation in Negotiations,” 95 Texas Law Review 325 (2016), available at Based on field interviews with judges and attorneys in ten different states, we documented new procedures in state courts that involve judges routinely in the settlement of criminal cases. We learned of grant-funded problem-solving sessions, multi-case conferences where other lawyers chime in, settlement dockets with retired judges, full-blown felony mediation with defendant and victims, and more.

In this companion report, we make publicly available some additional quotations from our field interviews, adding depth to our description and evaluation of judicial negotiation practices. The additional evidence from our interviews includes further examples and exceptions that we did not publish in the original article. This report ends with an appendix describing our methodology in assembling this interview data.

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