ABA Launches a Legal Fact Check Website

Minnesota Lawyer reports that the ABA:

In what amounts to a kind of PolitFact.com for law, the American Bar Association has launched a website that pushes back against legal misinformation.

The ABA’s Legal Fact Check website launched Aug. 17. On Tuesday, new ABA President Hillarie Bass told Minnesota Lawyer that the site primarily aims to reach the news media and the U.S. citizenry.

“There is so much public discourse out there with statements that do not accurately reflect the law,” Bass said. “This will be a source where members of the media, or members of the public, can go and say, ‘Is that really true?’”

What they will find, she said, are nonpartisan posts clarifying whether news reports or politicians’ statements accurately reflect the law. The initial plan, Bass said, is to post new material once a week. It may sometimes post more frequently in response to high-profile legal misstatements.

“We’re going to be responding to statements we hear that we believe to be inaccurate,” said Bass.

In its first round of posting, the site featured articles on hate speech, presidential pardons, flag burning, affirmative action and perennial calls to break up the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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