Former AJA President in the News

Supervisor Todd Spitzer appointed Judge Tam Nomoto-Schumann, a well-respected judge who presided over the Orange County Superior Court, to the Campaign Finance and Ethics Commission.

“I have admired Judge Nomoto-Schumann in my capacities as both a prosecutor and as an elected official,” Supervisor Spitzer said, “I am certain she will bring the highest quality ethical judgement to the Commission as she did to the bench. I am proud to name her as my Third District appointee to the Campaign Finance and Ethics Commission.” The push to create the Campaign Finance and Ethics Commission was reignited nearly two years ago in a bold move by Supervisor Spitzer, who insisted the Commission was necessary to increase transparency in local government. Supervisor Spitzer recognized the need for such an independent commission and, along with citizen watchdog Shirley Grindle, Professor Mario Mainero, and Attorney Bill Mitchell, revitalized the decades-long fight to bring it to reality.

The Campaign Finance and Ethics Commission will ensure ethics training is provided to newly elected and appointed County officials, prepare and present to the Board of Supervisors a summary of the Commission’s annual activities, and provide oversight of the County’s Campaign Reform Ordinance, Lobbyist Registration and Reporting Ordinance, the Gift Ban Ordinance, and portions of the County Code of Ethics.

The Third District appointee, Judge Tam Nomoto-Schumann, is widely regarded as an excellent choice for the forming commission. Her outstanding and broad experience serves to show her ability to act as an impartial and fair critic. In addition to serving as a judge on the Orange County Superior Court, Judge Nomoto-Schumann has served as Deputy County Counsel for the County of Orange, Chair of the California Judges Association Judicial Ethics Committee, and Chair of the Ethics Committee for the National Association of Women Judges. She was also the first Asian-American woman on the Orange County bench and its second-longest sitting judge at the time of her retirement.

Supervisor Spitzer conducted an extensive search to find the most suitable candidate to serve as the Third District representative on the Commission. He immediately recognized Judge Nomoto-Schumann as a strong candidate. Supervisor Spitzer thanks Judge Nomoto-Schumann for her service to the people of Orange County in serving as a Commissioner.

This article was released by the County of Orange.

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