Colorado Bans Ice Arrests In Courthouses

For the time being the pandemic may well prohibit much of the ordinary business conducted in state courthouses, but hopefully we will return to normal. In Colorado there will be a change when that happens. “Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers will no longer be allowed to arrest people for civil immigration violations in or around courthouses in Colorado.

Gov. Jared Polis signed Senate Bill 83 into law Monday. It prohibits ICE from making civil arrests while a person is in the courthouse or on its property or if the person is going to or from a court proceeding.

The bill excludes civil arrests related to a judge’s contempt-of-court order or other judicially issued process. A violation of the law could lead to a judge finding the agent in contempt of court, or the person could be subject to civil penalties from the attorney general.” For more: A new Colorado law bars ICE agents from making civil arrests at courthouses in the state. THE DENVER POST

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