What To Do About ICE Arrests In State Courthouses?

Legislators in Colorado and Washington are considering bills that would prevent U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from making arrests in and around courthouses in those states.
Colorado’s proposal, SB 83, follows the state’s enactment of a new law last year that bars local jails from keeping people in custody for ICE beyond their release dates. If passed, the bill “would be one of the — if not the — strongest statewide limitations yet on the agency’s ability to carry out immigration enforcement in Colorado,” according to the Colorado Sun. Washington’s proposal, SB 6522, follows a lawsuit filed last year by the state’s attorney general against the federal government to stop such arrests.
Over the past year, the Brennan Center has documented efforts in states across the country, including in California, Oregon, New York, and New Jersey, to prohibit or limit ICE’s ability to make courthouse arrests.

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