What Is Appropriate Attire For A Court Appearance on Zoom?

Many of us are getting a bit more casual at work meetings because we’re attending them via video conference from home. Then there’s North Oaks city council member Martin Long, who recently attended a city council meeting from his hot tub in the well-heeled northern St. Paul suburb. As can be seen in an online video recording on the city’s website, about an hour into the April 9 teleconferenced council meeting, the camera on Long starts to move, and it’s apparent that he’s gone outside. He sits down somewhere outside of his house and after a few minutes, he disappears briefly and then reappears and his polo shirt is gone.

From the blog How Appealing “When Court Moves Online, Do Dress Codes Still Matter? The legal profession is rooted in tradition, but social distancing is upending old norms. One judge in Broward County, Fla., asked lawyers to keep it professional during videoconferencing calls. Jacey Fortin has this article in The New York Times.

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