Judicial Temperament

The Elements of Judicial Temperament (Part Two)
Wednesday, September 9, 12:00 P.M. PT

BJI’s July 15 presentation on judicial temperament introduced Professor Terry Maroney’s groundbreaking analysis of the elements of judicial temperament, the constellation of psychological traits that predict how judges will respond to the challenges of their work. Professor Maroney explained that while a person’s temperament is largely stable by adulthood, every judge has an “envelope of possibility” in which they can adapt their temperament to the professional requirements and public expectations of judges.

At the conclusion of the presentation, many judges in the audience suggested a follow up program to examine the ways in which judges may understand their own temperamental traits and use that understanding to improve their judicial performance. This is that follow-up program. Once again, Judge Jeremy Fogel, BJI’s Executive Director, and Professor Terry Maroney will discuss Professor Maroney’s cutting edge research.

1.0     hour of CLE credit offered.

(We strongly encourage you to watch the first program before participating in the second.)

Access Professor Maroney’s Article: (What We Talk About When We Talk About) Judicial Temperament


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