The Majority Of The Supreme Court Is Not interested In Deer Jacking

Perhaps you need to be from Vermont but in case you are not deer jacking is a game violation. ScotusBlog discusses Justice Gorsuch’s statement in Bovat v. Vermont, joined by Justices Sotomayor and Kagan, in which Justice Gorsuch “expressed surprise” that the court below had not considered Florida v. Jardines. The case involves the police practice of the “knock and talk,” in which officers show up at a person’s home and seek to gain entry– and the right to search– through the occupant’s consent. U.S. SUPREME COURT

The dissent includes a picture so that readers can better visualize the police activity which gets verbally described this way:

Suspecting Clyde Bovat of unlawfully hunting a deer at night (Vermont calls it a “deer jacking”), game wardens decided to pay him a visit to — in their words — “investigate further.”  But the wardens admit that “pretty soon after arriving” they focused on a window in Mr. Bovat’s detached garage.  Heading there and peering inside, the wardens spotted what they thought could be deer hair on the tailgate of a parked truck.

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