Should Courts Suspend Civil Jury Trials

As a result of the pandemic increasing numbers of states have temporarily closed bars and restraints, gyms and sometimes schools. So is it time for courts to follow suit?

Tennessee jury trials have been postponed through Jan. 31 because of rising coronavirus cases.

The Tennessee Supreme Court issued the order suspending trials Tuesday. The suspension will begin Nov. 23 through Jan. 31 unless an exemption is granted by the Chief Justice on a case-by-case basis. 

The order also directs judicial districts to reexamine their reopening plans and coronavirus protocols, specifically mentioning the high court receiving complaints of judges, attorneys and defendants failing to follow protocols and some even attending court while testing positive for the virus. 

Face masks are required for everyone who enters courthouses. 

The order urges court staff to use phone and video conference calls as a way to avoid in-person meetings when possible

Tennessee is not alone in making this decision. what should courts do? Feel free to chime in.

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