Science Bench Book 2nd Edition

The Science Bench Book 2d Edition is Now Available

Judges are responsible for deciding whether to admit or exclude time-honored, as well as new types of scientific evidence. And, while judges are specialists in the law and courtroom procedure, they tend to be subject area generalists. How do judges evaluate complicated, rapidly changing evidentiary material when they are not experts in that field?
One invaluable resource is a bench book, such as those existing for search and seizure, drug courts and labor relations. The first edition was published in 2019.  However, it soon became apparent that a second edition was needed.    
JSI partnered with The National Judicial College (NJC), the nation’s largest provider of judicial education, to create the Science Bench Book for Judges, an overview of legal procedure involving validity, reliability, and admissibility of evidence. The project was funded by the State Justice Institute.
The Science Bench Book for Judges 2d is now available – online, downloadable, searchable, and free for judges across the United States and around the world. The book is meant to guide and assist judges during pre-trial, trial, and post-trial proceedings in both civil and criminal cases.

The Science Bench Book introduces research terminology, concepts, and the scientific method, as well as covers such concerns as expert testimony. It includes case citations, relevant legal authority, and evidentiary rulings.

It was prepared under the guidance and written by illustrious appellate justices, judges, legal scholars, and experienced lawyers (see biographies of writers and contributors). 

To learn more, click here.  To download the Science Bench Book for Judges 2d click  here.

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