Fairness Challenge

Emily LaGratta is one of the nation’s most committed advocates of procedural fairness. She has a new procedural fairness push: a partnership with the National Center for State Courts to offer two free “training” opportunities as part of a Fairness Challenge this April 2021. They’re not traditional trainings, actually, but one goal certainly is to have participants learn something!

There are two ways for court professionals and court teams to participate. In both cases, participants commit to engaging with the project only a few minutes a day for 4 weeks, then try out some new practices within their regular workday. OPTION 1. Three courts will be selected to receive complimentary “teeny course” training, which includes daily, interactive lessons delivered by email.OPTION 2. Individuals and court teams are invited to prioritize one bite-sized fairness practice each day for a month. It’s like an exercise challenge to stretch our fairness muscles, bit by bit. 
Registration closes March 10th, 2021. Participation prizes are available for all. 🙂
Register and learn more here:lagratta.com/fairness-challenge

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