Court Leaders Need To Prepare For The Impending Budget Crisis

Just like COVID-19 which has demonstrated that no matter where you live the pandemic will find you what is on the horrizon is a massive fiscal crisis. Court budgets will be cut but so too might be the things that drive the effectiveness of the justice system. Public defender offices, guardian ad litem programs corrections services don’t have natural constituencies to advocate for funding. That is unless the judiciary views our role as an advocate.

Wall Street Journal: “Nationwide, the U.S. state budget shortfall from 2020 through 2022 could amount to about $434 billion, according to data from Moody’s Analytics, the economic analysis arm of Moody’s Corp. The estimates assume no additional fiscal stimulus from Washington, further coronavirus-fueled restrictions on business and travel, and extra costs for Medicaid amid high unemployment.”

“That’s greater than the 2019 K-12 education budget for every state combined, or more than twice the amount spent that year on state roads and other transportation infrastructure.”

“Deficits have already prompted tax hikes and cuts to education, corrections and parks. State workers are being laid off and are taking pay cuts, and the retirement benefits for police, firefighters, teachers and other government workers are under more pressure.”

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