What To Do About The United States Supreme Court?

There are those who firmly believe there is nothing wrong with the United States Supreme Court. For those who applaud the appointment of Justice Barrett they very likely see nothing to fix. But there are others who are troubled. So what should we do about the United States Supreme Court?

From the blog How Appealing:

“How to Fix the Supreme Court”: The New York Times has posted online a series of seven essays along with an introduction from Emily Bazelon titled “How We Got Here.”

Law professor Kent Greenfield has an essay titled “Create a New Court.”

Law professor Steven G. Calabresi has an essay titled “Give Justices Term Limits.”

Melody Wang has an essay titled “Don’t Let the Court Choose Its Cases.”

Law professor Aaron Tang has an essay titled “(Threaten) to Pack the Courts.”

Larry Kramer has an essay titled “Pack the Courts.”

Law professor Leah Litman has an essay titled “Expand the Lower Courts.”

And law professor Randy Barnett has an essay titled “Keep the Courts the Same.”

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